Email Notification

In this guide, we will show how to configure email notifications that can be triggered by events.

Let's create an email template that will be sent to someone every time form is submitted(on insert). Click on HR_personnel on navigation to open preview. Then, click on Business at top bar.

This page will open. Click on email and add button will appear on its right side. Click on add button.

Email template form will be opened. Since it's a big form we will zoom in and show each important part one by one.

Let's call template new personel entry and set Trigger Actions Insert so that it is sent on every new entry.

We will send the name of newly added personnel. To get the name select name(name) from Table Fields and click on 3 dots on the right side of the input.

${} will give us the name of new personnel.

We will notify about our new Personnel.

That's it, we configured an email notification that is sent on new personnel entry.