This article will mention how to reset a user's password in the Code2 internal database. In the internal database, we keep passwords in MD5 hash format as an encrypted way.

We keep a salt value that equals the user's email when creating a user. If you create a user on the sign-up page, the salt value equals email automatically, but you must enter the salt value if you create a user in the DB. Be careful to make them the same. You can create a user as in the video.

When you're changing the user's password, you cannot enter the password purely. You have to generate the password. You can generate the password on this link:

You must type your email and your new password side by side to input and then click the generate button. So the page will generate an MD5 Hash value. Copy it and paste it to the password input in the DB. Now you can use your new password. We left a sample video below.

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