In this article, we'll create a responsive navbar that shows on every page. So we'll create it on the Application Layout page that is in the system folder. Before starting it, we should clear some of the components on the application layout but be careful not to clean application content that shows content on other pages.

We'll create the navbar that has four links and a menu icon. We want to make it responsive. So we must cover links and the menu icon with divs. We want to show links in laptop or desktop mode, not show them in tablet or mobile mode. Therefore we should give style to the div of links.

We'll make the opposite of the div of links to the div of the menu icon.

And now, we'll create the drawer and show it to create an action that is ' Show Inline Modal/Drawer ' and select the drawer that drawer 21. So when we click the menu icon, the drawer appears. We'll add links to the drawer.

That's it.

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