Shape of graphic comes with three different types of progresses to use. Design characteristics comes with four different status of progresses to use. They configure visualization and emphasis.


  • Progresses should indicate a quantitative index.

  • They should be colored to represent meaning of Progress.

When to use

  • Use Progresses to display a score.

Additional info

  • Consider using show info to add icon to Progresses.

  • Consider editing stroke width to change density of Progress shape.


  • The updatable properties of Progresses are type, percent %, stroke color, trail color, stroke linecap, status, size, stroke width and width.

  • The updatable behaviour of Progresses is show info.

  • The updatable style features of Progresses are margin, padding, typography and css.

  • The usable dynamic properties of Progresses are strokeLinecap, status, showInfo, size, strokeWidth, mask, width, hidden and style.


  • Consider using dynamic property of percent to create an interactive Progress automatically updating synchronizingly with data source.

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