Size comes with four different types of input entry area to enter. They can be small, middle, large or default.


  • Search Boxes should indicate a placeholder with text explanation.

  • Consider activating enter button to allow user start searching by pressing enter key on keyboard.

When to use

  • Use Search Boxes to let user search input on dense environments.

Additional info

  • Consider displaying loading notification during searching if a dense data source is searched and exploring lasts a long time.


  • The updatable properties of Search Boxes are placeholder and size.

  • The updatable behaviours of Search Boxes are enter button and loading.

  • The updatable style features of Search Boxes are margin, padding, size, overflow, typography, background, border, effects and css.

  • The updatable style features of Password Wrappper are margin, padding, size, overflow and css.

  • The usable dynamic properties of Search Boxes are placeholder, enterButton, loading, size, suffix, prefix, disabled, hidden and style.

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