Clarity comes with the type and level of titles to choose from. They give ideas about content operations.


  • Titles should provide insight in accordance with the content.

  • They should be easy to read and specific.

  • Always have a text label to define the format.

When to use

  • Use Titles to identify.

Additional info

  • Consider using a level to emphasize hierarchy.

  • Consider using type to emphasize operation of the titled field by priority.


  • There are three types of Titles with varying degrees of emphasis. Emphasis determines a Title‚Äôs appearance.

  • The updatable properties of Titles are title, level, and type.

  • The updatable behaviors of Titles are ellipsis and copyable.

  • The updatable style features of Titles are margin, padding, size, overflow, typography, background, and CSS.

  • The usable dynamic properties of Titles are type, level, editable, copyable, underline, mark, delete, ellipsis, _label, hidden, and style.

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