Avatars come with three different types of options to use. They provide to generate avatars from images, icons, or texts.


  • Avatars should include a characteristic content element(s).

  • They should be specific to the element that they are used near it.

When to use

  • Use Avatars to differentiate similar listing items from each other.

Additional info

  • Consider using Image Avatar for users.

  • Consider using Icon Avatar for headers.


  • There are several types of Avatars with varying changeable ingredients such as size and shape.

  • The updatable style features of Avatars are margin, padding, border, effects, and CSS.

  • The usable dynamic properties of Avatars are icon, shape, size, src, alt, gap, bgColor, hidden, and style.


  • Consider using comments to describe the user who gives the comment not only with user name but also with an avatar.

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