They are composed of combinations of starting points and actions. Multiple flows can be added to the components.

Starting Points

  • Each component has different options for starting points. The starting point to be used is selected from the list.

  • They specify when the action will start.


  • The action list is the same for all components. The action to be triggered is selected from the list.

  • They specify which action will operate.

  • There are different actions categorized into eight main groups. These groups are given below.

Logic Actions

Logic actions are used to execute value settings or transitions in accordance with cases.

  • Execute Reusable Flow

  • Set Variable

  • Switch / Case

Internal DB Actions

Internal database actions are used to update data on data source.

  • Execute Query

  • Insert to Model

  • Reload Component Datasource

Navigation Actions

Navigation actions are used to redirect another area.

  • Close Modal/Aside

  • Form Submit

  • Go Back

  • Go to URL

  • Refresh Page

  • Show Data Form

  • Show Page

Component Actions

Component actions are used to set component properties by using another component properties.

  • Set Component Property

API Actions

API actions are used to execute backend functions or requests.

  • Execute Backend Function

  • HTTP Request

Feedback Actions

Feedback actions are used to display notifications.

  • Confirm

  • Show Backend Failure

  • Show Inline Modal/Drawer

  • Show Notification

  • Show Result

Code Actions

Code actions are used to execute coded operations.

  • Javascript Code

  • Wait

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