What do we have?

A data list that displays products - name and description.

What do we want to do?

When user clicks on a product, show product detail page.

How can we do this?

  • Click on Line View.

  • Go to Flows tab and add action to event.

  • Select “When user clicks item” and choose “Show / Go to page” action. And select your product detail page.

  • Click on gears button. (top right corner in the image below)

  • Configure page parameters. We’re sending two parameters: name and description. We’re sending the record that user clicks. That’s why we select “Record value from datasource” as source of value.

  • And we’ll configure our Product as follows.

  • Click on first label. Go to Flows tab and add calculated property.

  • And configure label’s text property to use page variable name. Remember page parameters that we sent from previous page in step 5? They’re now page variables in product detail page.

You can do the same thing for description.

That’s it! When user clicks on an item in product list, we open product detail page with clicked item’s information.

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